Facial Skin Care Set for Men MISTER


Herbal toner strongly moisturizes, tones and refreshes skin. Restores the skin’s natural pH level, which serves as the skin’s protection. This toner gives a little bit of coolness, calms sensitive skin and helps to regenerate damaged, irritated skin. Spray before applying a cream or oil, when the skin reddens and becomes dry. Irreplaceable when travelling, in a polluted city or in a dry-aired office.

After-shave Oil easily absorbed, soothes irritated skin after shaving. Restores the skin’s oil levels, making it suitable for all skin types. Softens, nourishes, and lightly tones. The essential oils have a pleasant aroma. It is recommended to apply a small amount onto the hands and then onto wet skin.


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Natural Deodorant for Men MISTER


Herbal Facial Toner MISTER


After-shave Oil MISTER

30ml / 10€

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